Proprietary ABCG2 Selection System

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Creative Cell has developed a mutant form of ABCG2 drug transporter (mutABCG2) for efficient selection of cells both in vitro and in vivo.

Creative Cell's proprietary mutant ABCG2 half transporter is a highly effective selectable marker for rapid cell line engineering and in vivo chemoprotection of gene-modified cells. ABCG2, a prominent member of the ABC transporter family, has a relatively small cDNA (2 kb) and is therefore easy to express in any available vector. Being a human protein, it is not immunogenic. Furthermore, cell selection can be carried out with highly characterized and clinically approved compounds. Incorporation of a gene of interest into a desired cell line with the use of mutABCG2 as a marker confers selective resistance to transgenic cells against well-characterized drugs such as Mitoxantrone or Doxorubicin.

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Cell line selection using mutABCG2. PLB985 X-CGD is a model cell line of chronic granulomatous disease, an inherited deficiency of the granulocytic NADPH oxidase enzyme subunit gp91phox. The wild-type version of this gene was inserted along with mutABCG2 into PLB985 X-CGD cells. Subsequently, cells were selected using mitoxantrone (MX), a toxic substrate of mutABCG2. (A), unmodified control cells; (B) modified, unselected cells; (C), cells after selection. As a result of MX treatment, the expression levels of both gp91phox (right peak in upper row) and mutABCG2 (green peak shifted to the left in lower row) increased, indicating enrichment of double transgene positive cells.

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