Generation of immortal cell lines from primary cells

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Creative Cell establishes immortal cell lines from primary cells for basic research and drug testing.

In both basic research and in vitro drug testing, resemblance of the cell culture model to the original tissue is of pivotal importance. From this aspect, working with primary cells would be optimal. Primary cell cultures, however, have a limited life span, and genetic variation between donor individuals hampers standardization of experiments. To overcome these limitations, Creative Cell is developing immortal cell lines derived from the tissue type to be modeled.

Immortalized mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) retain essential features of the parental primary cells. Primary MSCs were immortalized by the introduction of Bmi-1 and hTERT. The immortalized cells were comparable with their parental counterparts with regard to (A) immunophenotype and (B) diffentiation potential after more than 100 population doublings.
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