Cell Lines Expressing ABC Proteins

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Creative Cell offers established and thoroughly analyzed human and other mammalian cell lines engineered to express a variety of ABC transporters including MDR1, MRP1, MRP6, ABCA1, and ABCG2.

ABC proteins play pivotal roles in every aspect of pharmacokinetics: absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity (ADMET). Thus, the effects of ABC transporters must be meticulously tested in vitro to predict in vivo behavior of drug candidates, thereby decreasing the likelihood of ineffective or toxic compounds entering expensive clinical trials. Moreover, ABC transporter-expressing cell lines are indispensable for the development of compounds aimed to counter multidrug resistance.

The MDCKII-MDR1 cell line shown in the picture is also sold under the trademark PreadyPort by Solvo Biotechnology.

MDCKII cells engineered to overexpress MDR1. MDCKII-MDR1 cells grown in monolayer on a tissue culture insert membrane mimic a blood-tissue barrier.

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