Cell Lines for Virus and Protein Production

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Creative Cell offers cell lines guaranteed to produce high-titer virus supernatants and large amounts of secreted proteins.

Protein kinase R (PKR) is a key mediator of interferon-induced cell-autonomous antiviral response. Whereas wild-type PKR inhibits protein production, thereby also limiting viral replication, several mutant forms of PKR have been shown to boost both protein production and virus particle synthesis. Creative Cell has established and tested HEK293 and HEK293T cell lines harboring such a mutant variant of PKR incorporated in their genome. Mutant PKR has been proven to augment productivity of these cell lines without any apparent cytotoxic side effect.

HEK293.mutPKR cells optimized for mass production of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). A VEGF-encoding construct was delivered into HEK293.mutPKR cells, and clones were established from the best-producing populations. Mean transgene copy number (CN) values are indicated below the bars. The most productive clones secrete several micrograms of recombinant protein in 24 hours.

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