Bone Marrow Protection

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Creative Cell's mutant ABCG2-mediated hematopoietic stem cell protection may reduce the risk of bone marrow toxicity during high-dose chemotherapy treatment.

Background Information:

A potential application of gene therapy is the protection of bone marrow stem cells from chemotherapeutic agents. Insertion of the mutant ABCG2 into retrieved bone marrow stem cells and repopulation of the bone marrow with these transgenic cells prior to chemotherapy is expected to render the hematopoietic system resistant to certain therapeutic drugs. During the subsequent chemotherapy regimen, higher doses can be applied without the risk of irreversible bone marrow damage, increasing the likelihood of complete tumor eradication.


ABCG2 protects murine hematopoietic stem cells (mHSCs) from the cytotoxic drug mitoxantrone. Unmodified, as well as GFP-or ABCG2-expressing mHSCs were seeded on methylcellulose in the absence or presence of mitoxantrone. Only ABCG2-expressing mHSCs formed colonies in the presence of the drug.

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