Gene Modification of hESCs

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Creative Cell introduces genes into hESCs that facilitate tracing the fate of cells, and help model genetic diseases.

Introduction of fluorescent markers into hESCs facilitates tracking of the cells, especially in an in vivo situation. Moreover, fluorescent proteins driven by lineage-specific promoters may report on the differentiation state of the cell. A synthetic CAG promoter-driven eGFP construct was shown to be activated during cardiomyocytic specialization (see Orban et al. Stem Cells 2009:27,1077-87).

Another important approach is the application of gene-modified hESCs for modeling genetic diseases. hESCs engineered to carry a disease-associated gene variant and differentiated towards the cell type most severely affected by the disease provide an invaluable in vitro model of the condition. CCK is currently developing an engineered hESC-based model of hereditary cardiac diseases.












A clump of hESCs expressing green fluorescent protein

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