Gene Modification of MSCs

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Using lentiviral technology, Creative Cell produces fluorescently tagged MSCs for better visualization and immortalized MSCs for reproducible experimental work.

Genetic modification of MSCs is a powerful research tool, and a gateway to future cell therapy. Introduction of foreign genes into MSCs enables flexible modulation of cell behavior, as well as tracing and selection of engineered cells. Engineered MSCs are anticipated to provide improved wound healing and bone regeneration, and may therefore be utilized in many future tissue regeneration projects.

Insertion of fluorescent proteins facilitates visualization of engineered cells. Although most scaffold materials are impenetrable to light, fluorescently labeled cells on the scaffold surface can be easily studied. Photo: Close-up view of eGFP-expressing MSCs adhering to a titanium wire.

Introduction of immortalizing genes into MSCs provides a reproducible system. The use of an immortalized MSC cell line eliminates inter-assay variation due to the age of culture and donor genetic background, providing stable basis for reproducible assays. Immortalization of a primary MSC culture was achieved by sequentially introducing the growth promoter Bmi-1 and human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT). Dual immunofluorescence labeling for Bmi-1 (red) and hTERT (green). Nuclei are stained blue with DAPI.
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